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Bespoke Packaging Solutions

Bespoke packaging solutions are designed and manufactured to meet specific requirements. A typical bespoke packaging solution will modify an existing design to suit specific requirements. While the Bespoke Packaging Company contains almost 300 standard packaging designs, they are mainly designed for corrugated material. The Packaging Experts can also work with a range of other materials. By working with their bespoke packaging specialists, a customer can be guaranteed the best possible solution for their product.

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Bespoke packaging solutions are growing in popularity as global fashion brands seek to increase their customer's value-add through their products. Increasing demand for bespoke packaging solutions in apparels and accessories has caused established brands to shift towards custom-built packaging. Between 2022 and 2029, global bespoke packaging sales are expected to reach US$ 1.8 billion. Read on to learn more about the market for bespoke packaging solutions.

Bespoke packaging is not just about the look - it also benefits your brand. When consumers see your product for the first time, they form an impression of you based on the packaging. Bespoke packaging helps you create this first impression while being cost-effective. Bespoke packaging also allows you to maximize the distribution of your products, leading to increased sales and better customer retention. Bespoke packaging can even improve your brand's sustainability and reduce environmental impact.

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During transport, consumers form an initial impression of a brand in seven seconds. Packaging that is attractive and environmentally friendly is more likely to be bought by consumers, increasing the brand's reputation and sales. Aside from aesthetic benefits, bespoke packaging is cost-effective, which is great for businesses who want to maximise their distribution and sales. Since the Covid-19 report, more brands are now offering bespoke packaging solutions. This method of packaging helps businesses improve sustainability and increase the volume of their products in transport.

To make a strong impression on customers, a packaging design should match your brand guidelines. This ensures that your packaging is recognizable and is consistent with your brand image. While some businesses choose to only print their logo on their packaging, others prefer to design their packaging using unique designs to create a distinct brand identity. Bespoke packaging offers an affordable solution to achieving a unique and individual brand identity.

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